Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) are the companies licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and they are like Business Process Outsourcing in Health Insurance. An insight into Role defined by IRDA and the Role Played by TPAs were the crux of the gap between the Insurer and the TPA's. The TPA’s were introduced by IRDA to infuse a new management system and to regulate health care services and costs. The system managed Health Care was first introduced by the United States in the year 1973 and the same was followed in India. The advent of the TPAs Health Services Regulation, 2001 was introduced mainly to implement and to regulate health care services together with costs as well as better services to the Insured. The Value Added Services provided by the TPA is an "add on" for the Insured public. The comparison of Life Insurance with Health care and Standalone Health Insurance shows the exclusive health cover impact. The services rendered by the Hospital Maintenance Organisation of the United States and TPAs depict the positive aspects of Hospital Maintenance Organisation that can act as a platform for the growth of TPAs in India. There is also a comparison made between the Hospital Maintenance Organisation and the Third Party Administrators.

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