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HMS  is a type of properly management system that facilitates the management of hotel operations and functions; main operations such as front office, sales, planning, and accounting.

General Hotel Management Software aims to automate functions such as:
  1. Guest bookings
  2.  Guest details
  3. Point of sale
  4. Telephony
  5. Accounts receivable
  6.  Sales and marketing
  7.  Banquets
  8. Event Management
  9. And many more features
Modules of many Hotel Software are:
  1. Reservations includes pre-booking, and booking functions
  2. Profiles for classifying what guest, privileges , and memberships
  3. Groups and blocks for large groups of guests with different privileges
  4. Rate and inventory control monitoring for rooms, amenities and materials
  5. Administration  assigns the access control for each hotel department , and other staffs
  6. Reporting displays  custom reports for various outputs in the automated hotel operations

What is Folio Number on the Hotel Receipt?

Folio No. is printed on the hotel receipt to help hotel users retrieved the guest folio by searching the Folio number. Folio No. is a unique number generated by the hotel software or hotel system, or hotel management system that is associated with a registered guest.

For programmers Folio number is a unique number that is generated by a predefined sequence of characters and numbers. Folio number is a primary key in the database.